How to deal with the aging of the factory cement floor and ash and sand

In factories, especially machinery factories, forklifts travel back and forth. The ground is often subjected to external friction or impact, as well as the erosion of chemicals and oil pollution. In addition, the service life of cement floors is short, and the cement floor will soon become dusty under the effect of aging and weathering Many problems such as sanding, dullness, hollowness, cracks, holes, breakage, etc., need to be cured in time by solidification construction process.

Floor curing is a dust-free ground construction process that can solve the problem of dust and sand on the ground and create a dust-free and healthy working environment. The main flooring material it uses is concrete curing agent, which hydrates with the cement in the concrete to produce non-swelling, non-shrinking, stable chemical products (CSH), which makes the entire floor more dense and solid, and cooperates with intelligent ground. The floor grinder grinds and polishes to obtain a high-hardness, high-density, high-brightness concrete solidified floor, which solves the problem of dust and sand from the root. The floor is not only more resistant to abrasion and compression, but also more durable.

Steps to treat cement floor with curing construction process:

First, the base surface cleaning: clean up the ground garbage, check the ground condition and remove hard materials such as expansion screws.

Second, rough grinding and leveling

Use an intelligent floor grinder with a metal abrasive sheet to dry-grip the ground until the concrete surface is even and flat, and clean the ground dust.

Three, concrete curing agent penetration

Vacuum the floor with a vacuum cleaner before applying the curing agent, or clean the floor with a dust push, and then spray the concrete curing agent.

Fourth, fine grinding

After confirming that the concrete curing agent has dried completely, use an intelligent floor grinder with a resin abrasive sheet to further grind the ground.

Five, fine polishing

Push the ground with clean and dry dust, then use a high-speed polishing pad to polish, and the brightness will be higher if the protective agent is

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