What tools need to be prepared for cement floor hardening construction

Nowadays, the strength of the cement floor is not enough, and the problem of dust and sand is particularly prominent. Many factory workshops, underground garages, logistics warehouses, etc. have encountered such problems, so they began to find solutions. At present, the most common solution is to harden the cement floor to seal the hardened floor and enhance the strength and strength of the floor. In order to save costs, many people choose to buy materials for construction themselves, but they do not know much about the tools and construction techniques required for construction. The following editors will tell you about the tools and concrete floors that need to be prepared for the hardening of concrete floors. Hardened construction process.

1. Floor grinding machine. Grinding and polishing for floor construction, preferably with 6 and 12 heads

2. Industrial vacuum cleaner or pusher wiper. Used to clean up the dust and sewage generated by each grinding.

3. Hand grinder and corner grinder. Some grinders can not be polished by hand grinder and corner grinder.

4, resin grinding and diamond grinding. It is mainly used for grinding and polishing. Both are used with a grinder.

5. One hundred pads and high-speed polishing equipment. It is mainly used for polishing the cured floor, and the effect will be better.

6, broom and dust push. The broom is used to clean the ground foundation. The dust pusher is mainly used to spread the concrete seal hardener material and brightener evenly.

7. Watering can or sprayer. During the polishing phase, these two tools are used to spray floor brightener.

8. Construction signage. It is mainly used for the protection of the construction site, reminding others not to enter the construction site to avoid damage to the floor or accident.

9, ingredients bucket and hand trailer. In the case of a large construction area, if a trolley is equipped, the paint bucket can be placed on the trolley, so that the spraying efficiency can be improved.www.chinavacuumcleaner.com

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