Concrete floor grinding machine modification method

In addition to the main function of rough grinding and flattening, the cement floor grinding machine can also be finely ground and polished with a resin grinding disc to further eliminate scratches and obtain a high-density, high-hardness, high-brightness ground. Talking about the use of the epoxy floor polishing machine in the indoor parking lot: the ground used in the indoor parking lot is the flat coating epoxy floor and the mortar epoxy floor, which has the characteristics of strong adhesion, abrasion resistance and hardness. It has good acid and alkali resistance, wear resistance, pressure resistance, impact resistance, mildew resistance, waterproof, dustproof, slip resistance and other characteristics, and the color is bright and diverse. Due to different construction materials requests, the cost ranges from 0 yuan square meters to 250 yuan square meters. The construction cost of the indoor parking space in general commercial buildings is more than 3 million (20,000 square meters). If the use and maintenance are unreasonable, the service life will be shortened, and the renovation or re-engineering will be very large. Therefore, the cost and application impact of the project will be great. This is not only the quality and responsibility of the floor construction unit, but also the cost and responsibility of the property management service unit. Lanzhou cement ground smoothing transformation method

Grinding disc replacement is flexible and safe: 24V low-voltage power supply is used for starting and stopping the equipment and lifting the front-end lifting system. Working motor overload, leakage protection device. Stable gearbox: The front end of the fuselage is equipped with a gear transmission gearbox, which can hang high and low gears to make the motor power 0%. At low speed, it greatly enhances the torque of the rotating shaft. It is suitable for different ground and different grinding and polishing processes in the grinding and polishing process. The need for the process to improve the grinding and grinding efficiency. The weight is sufficient, the grinding disc is under great pressure: the weight of the machine is up to 250kg, and the corresponding pressure of the grinding disc is more than 180kg. High hardness (such as granite, polished tiles, epoxy quartz sand terrazzo, epoxy floor, concrete floor) and low hardness (cloud, artificial marble) are suitable at the same time. Supply new epoxy floor grinding machine floor re-grinding machine ground grinding machine floor grinding machine also called, floor grinding machine cement floor grinding machine epoxy floor grinding machine epoxy dust-free grinding machine dust-free grinding machine floor floor grinding Machine grinder cement floor grinder, concrete grinding machine, metal plane grinding and descaling machine.

There are many floating slurries on the ground. Some of them are even difficult to polish off the cement floating pulp yard. The ground is not properly protected and is lowered on the foundation. According to common sense, when the foundation has been solidified, the cement mortar is low. There is no good adhesion on the basis, it can be cleaned by normal grinding; if the local position is firmer, the cement slurry must be completely removed. Even if the slurry can be attached to the foundation, it is only temporary. After use, it is easy to appear that the float off the floor also comes off together; in addition, the floating slurry will affect the overall effect of the floor. If it is not cleaned, the floor will be uneven and grave-like. Seriously affect the quality and quality of the floor. There is no floating or irregularity in the corners. There is no way to polish the floating pulp or the irregular position with the paper sanding disc. If it is not polished with a paper sanding disc, it needs to be wiped off with a steel bowl; Knock off the untidy place and polish it with a hand grinder.

After the epoxy floor is completed and delivered, it should be maintained and cleaned to ensure that the workshop environment is clean and tidy, and truly achieve a clean production environment. At the same time, the daily ground maintenance work is included in the daily management system, which is conducive to prolonging the service life of the floor, reducing the renovation rate and ensuring the smooth progress of production. The maintenance of the floor is as important as the maintenance of the equipment. The following are some places. Main items of ping maintenance: If there are sand, mud and debris on the ground, it should be cleaned in time to prevent it from grinding and damaging the ground, and prevent hard and sharp objects from directly rubbing against the ground. Employees should change soft-soled shoes before entering the production area; set up (plastic) carpets at the junction where sand and mud are easily brought in, and facilitate the removal of shoe debris when employees enter and exit. The normal use temperature of the epoxy floor is below 0 °C. Therefore, for areas where electric welding or oxygen cutting are often required, a high temperature resistant insulating mat should be placed on the ground. When the forklift and forklift unload the cargo, pay attention to the flattening of the cargo. It should be on the ground with high temperature resistant insulation mat to avoid the side of the cargo and the scratching of the

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