Construction scheme of concrete penetration curing agent Curing agent floor characteristics

Curing agent floor characteristics

1. Greatly improve the hardness and wear resistance of the ground to prevent the ground from dusting and dusting.

2, anti-skid, anti-seepage (water, oil into the concrete, can resist a certain degree of acid and alkali)

3, colorless, tasteless, no chemical residue

4, long service life, can reach more than ten years, and brightness increases with the increase in years of use

5, no maintenance, usually use mop and clean water on the line

6. The construction is simple and the cycle is short. After the construction is completed, it can be directly loaded.

7, a wide range of applications: workshops, warehouses, garages, shopping malls. Applicable materials: concrete floor, cement floor, terrazzo, corundum floor

Concrete penetration curing agent construction process

1. Machinery and tool accessories: machinery: floor grinding machine (alias stone refurbished machine), water absorbing machine; tool accessories: three-phase cable, rain boots, wiper, ground drag, dust push, watering can, water pipe, bucket, Portable polishing machine, grinding sheet; mirror surface and high-demand floor grinding: diamond resin grinding disc (30 mesh, 50 mesh, 150 mesh, 300 mesh, 500 mesh, 1000 mesh, 2000 mesh, 3000 mesh)

2, the basic treatment: before the construction, cleaning, cleaning off the ground debris, oil, paint, curing agents. If there is a crack in the pothole, the cement-based repair caulking mortar is repaired and cured for 3 days. If it does not need to be repaired, it will be directly constructed.

3, rough grinding the ground: use 30#, 50# water-grinding tablets and water grinding, the speed is maintained at a uniform speed cross-grinding method until the surface is completely smoothed, the pores are opened, and then the mud and water are all sucked dry by the water suction machine; The water-grinding piece is ground with water until all the coarse scratches left by the 50# grinding are eliminated, and the sewage and the mud are all sucked up by the water suction machine.

4, the upper curing agent: (can also sprinkle the material after 300.500, but the larger the number of mesh, the less the ground penetration, the ground is relatively poor suggestion early sprinkling material)

After the grinding of 150#, when the ground is dry and white, the material is evenly sprayed on the ground at 0.2KG/square (according to the hardness of the ground, the ground difference is more scattered), and the ground is saturated to soak for two hours (if any) When the material is sticky, dilute the material with water twice, keep the ground dry, and dry the area with a wiper to ensure that the ground is completely infiltrated until the ground is fully absorbed.

5, fine grinding with 300 # water mill sheet with water to grind the ground has been infiltrated, evenly ground to remove the residual material on the ground (white spots on the ground)

After grinding, use a water absorbing machine to dry, and then leave the fine material residue with 500# water-grinding film and clean it with water until the ground hand feels smooth and smooth.

6. Fine grinding uses 1000# grinding disc. At this time, the speed of the machine should jump to the maximum speed, so that the ground can appear brightness, and then polished with 2000#3000#, the ground can be as bright as the stone surface.

7, the corner processing large machinery can only be ground in a large area, for the corners and corners just to be polished and polished with a portable angle grinder, the method is the same as above

8. Clean and thoroughly rinse the floor. If Party A has high brightness requirements, it can be polished with a floor grinder and sponge polishing slurry.
Surface shape: bright type

Thickness: 1.0mm 2.0mm

Scope of application: battery factory, chemical plant, chemical storage tank, pipe fittings, acid-base pool and floor with special requirements for anti-corrosion

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