Floor grinding machine is too important to handle how easy it is to save

The main equipment for grounding and grinding the floor is the floor grinding machine. Its weight is generally several hundred kilograms. Not only the workers are tired when they are working, but also very troublesome when transporting, especially when getting on and off, going up and down the stairs. This kind of, not only must be strong enough, but also pay great attention to safety issues to avoid accidents. To prevent this problem, there are two ways to choose.


[lifting truck handling]
When getting on and off the vehicle, the floor grinder was moved up and down by the lift truck, which solved the problem of insufficient strength and solved the safety problem, but this method could not be used up and down the stairs and up and down the slope.
[Drive handling]
The driven floor grinder is capable of autonomous walking. It is easy and convenient to transport the flat speed and the up and down slope (within 25 degrees) by independently adjusting the walking speed of the machine and the assistance of the front universal wheel. If you want to get on and off the bus, you only need two steel troughs or a thick enough wooden board to easily get on and off. If you want to go up and down, you can drive the floor grinder into the elevator with the elevator, and then pass the elevator. Way to transport upstairs.
Is the floor grinder too heavy? Is it too difficult to carry? Is the risk factor too high? Choosing the appropriate handling method makes it easier and less laborious, saves time, and improves efficiency for construction.www.chinavacuumcleaner.com

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