How industrial dust extractor vacuum works

Nowadays, the common industrial vacuum cleaners on the market are mostly mobile industrial vacuum cleaners and industrial dust extractor vacuum. So what is its working principle? Let's take a look.
The mobile industrial vacuum cleaner YX vortex air pump has dozens of blades on the impeller, which is similar to the huge turbine impeller. When the impeller of the vortex air pump rotates, the air in the middle of the impeller blades is subjected to centrifugal force and moves toward the edge of the impeller, where the air again enters the annular cavity of the pump body and then returns to the impeller, at the same starting point from the blade. The way is looping again. Since the air is accelerated by multiple cycles, the air leaves the air pump for consumption at very high energy (it produces 12-17 times the pressure of the same diameter centrifugal fan).
The working principle of the mobile industrial vacuum cleaner: the principle of the industrial vacuum cleaner is basically the same as that of the household vacuum cleaner. The air inside the machine is extracted by the fan or the air pump, so that the pressure difference is generated inside and outside the machine, that is, the so-called negative pressure and negative pressure. The higher the suction, the stronger the suction. The vacuum cleaner is actually a very simple machine. It mainly has a high-pressure blower for ventilation. After the debris enters the machine through the nozzle and the suction pipe, it enters a filter bag, which is usually non-woven. After primary filtration, it carries a small size. The dusty air passes through a special filter and is removed through the exhaust fan of the secondary fan. The filtration efficiency is basically over 96%.

Mobile industrial vacuum cleaner features industrial vacuum cleaner common appearance: drum type, small cart type, square type, simple bracket type. Industrial vacuum cleaners are respectively 220V\380V\110V\420V/440V, commonly used for three-phase four-wire 380V. Industrial vacuum cleaners are generally equipped with universal casters and directional casters, which can be easily moved by lengthening the suction pipe. The range of treatment is enlarged, and the suction is relatively small. Advantages: simple structure, small and flexible, strong suction, large volume, safe and reliable, high purification efficiency, wide use. Disadvantages: the metal casing is cumbersome, the filter needs frequent backflushing regeneration, and the technical content is not high. In recent years, through the use of mobile vehicles, rocker-type cleaning devices, and research such as cyclones, it is gradually improving and deficiencies to enhance its role as an environmentally friendly product.
Dust suction fan, industrial vacuum fan, in the industrial production process of polishing, cutting, grinding, crushing, incineration (combustion), etc., produces fine particles such as debris, smoke, or dust, and these fine particles are removed from the gas by dust removal equipment. The process of separation is the process of industrial dust removal.
For many years, Baxter industrial vacuum cleaners have cooperated with many environmentally-friendly enterprises in Germany and Italy for technical cooperation and authorized production. The product and system engineering capabilities have reached the international advanced level and are in the forefront of the same industry. The company designs and develops according to European industrial product standards. Baxter brand industrial vacuum cleaners and industrial dust collectors are characterized by compact design, stable performance, safety and reliability, and energy saving. At the same time, we have the comprehensive ability of design and production of small single-machine products and design and installation of large-scale dust collection system. The products cover the design range from small to several KW to hundreds of KW, with strong flexibility and comprehensive development capability.
We design vacuum cleaners and dust removal equipment and systems for our customers. Our products are widely used in chemical, food, pharmaceutical, electronics, mold, hardware, mechanical processing, lighting, railway, shipbuilding, petrochemical, automotive and other industrial sites. And has provided high quality products and engineering services for many well-known

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