How to operate a large floor grinder machine

In the flooring industry floor grinder machine, due to the large and small floor works received, all the floor grinders used for construction have different weights. There are more than one hundred kilograms of machines for small-area projects, and also for large-area projects. A few hundred kilograms of machines, and this kind of large-scale floor grinder is difficult to push because of the heavy weight, and the labor intensity is great under the construction of one day, plus the dusty construction environment, workers push It’s tired and bitter.
In the case of a large construction site, when encountering such a large floor grinding machine, you can choose intelligent mechanical equipment for easy operation. As a large-scale equipment, the intelligent floor grinder not only has intelligent floor grinding method, but also supports the dust-free floor construction concept. It creates a dust-free, healthy and easy construction environment for workers.

[Smart Grinding] - Intelligent Floor Grinder
Driven floor grinders and remote-controlled floor grinders are one of the smart floor equipment, ranging from more than three hundred kilograms to more than five hundred kilograms. Pushing it up will be very difficult, but nowadays The drive and remote control technology is very mature, and it can realize autonomous walking grinding without human power. Moreover, the cruise control function can freely adjust the walking speed and set the parameters. Different operators can also achieve the consistency of the ground grinding effect, which greatly reduces the labor intensity and improves the construction efficiency.
Dust-free grinding] - equipped with industrial vacuum cleaner
On the basis of intelligent grinding, the intelligent floor grinding machine is equipped with an industrial vacuum cleaner for construction. It can grind away the dust generated by grinding the ground while grinding, which can reduce the generation of dust, reduce the dust content in the air, and avoid workers. Inhalation of dust for a long time during construction will increase the occupational prevalence of cement pneumoconiosis. Dust-free grinding makes workers' construction easier and

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