Industrial vacuum cleaner maintenance

Industrial vacuum cleaner maintenance.

A common equipment in Industrial vacuum cleaner, which is used in Industrial production process to collect waste, filter and purify air, and conduct environmental cleaning.A large number of textile and chemical industry, can prevent the harm of some occupational diseases.



1. Timely clean the sundries in the bucket and all dust collection accessories. Clean the dust box and dust bag after each work, check whether there is any perforation or air leakage, thoroughly clean the dust box and dust bag with detergent and warm water, and blow dry.

2. Check whether the power cord and plug are damaged. After use, wind the power coil into a bundle and put it on the vacuum cleaner hook of the top cover of the machine head.

3. Check whether the air inlet is blocked or debris after the water absorption work is completed, otherwise it shall be cleaned. Check whether the floating wave is damaged.

4. Industrial vacuum cleaner shall be handled gently without external force hitting.


5.Industrial vacuum cleaner shall be placed in a ventilated and dry place when it is out of service.

6. When cleaning the machine, please wipe it with a wet cloth containing water or neutral detergent. It is forbidden to wash the host head in water.

7. Do not keep the machine in a continuous working state for a long time. The continuous working time should be controlled within 2 hours, otherwise the machine life will be affected.

8. In long-term use of Industrial vacuum cleaner, vacuum cleaner will cause vacuum suction to decline due to the blockage of the mesh of the filter net.In order to prevent suction drop, the filter screen and cloth bag should be washed regularly with water. After washing, dry them in a cool place before using, and then the suction can be restored

9. If the main engine is hot, gives out burnt smell, or has abnormal vibration and sound, please send it for repair in time. Do not use it reluctantly.

10. Do not fold the hose frequently, and do not overstretch or bend it.

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