The scrubber is the most widely used cleaning equipment in the cleaning equipment industry

The scrubber is a new field in the development of social technology. It not only greatly reduces the cost of the user, but also the efficiency of cleaning is very good. Of course, for the cleaning equipment industry, the most widely used cleaning equipment: the washing machine is relatively familiar. In public places such as hotels, airports, and even ports, washing machines are often seen as "hard work". So what do you usually do with the scrubber? What can I work on?

    First, tire manufacturers

    In addition to the general ground cleaning of tire manufacturing enterprises, the removal of carbon black is the most headache for the management personnel of the production workshop. Generally, the cleaning is more and more clean and darker, and the brush is rougher than the brush, it is difficult to wash the ground fine. The carbon black in the seam, and the cleaning scheme of selecting the dial and the cleaning pad is the best, and the effect of the carbon cleaning agent and the strong detergent is better.

    Second, the footwear industry

    The footwear industry, especially the material processing workshop, the processing of rubber soles and leathers, glues, oil stains and scales are often formed around the machine table, and the handling and loading and unloading of forklifts and pallet trucks also form pollution belts. A cleaning agent for removing glue, degreasing, descaling, and preferably an automatic scrubber capable of adjusting the pressure of the brush is preferred.

    Third, the automobile manufacturing industry

    In the automobile manufacturing industry, automatic washing machines are generally used in large quantities. In particular, the overall area of ​​the automobile manufacturing industry is relatively large, and it is often required to use a combination of various cleaning equipment. The possibility of purchasing a large washing machine is relatively large. There are more washing machines.

    Fourth, food and beverage manufacturing

    In the food production enterprises, the automatic washing machine, in addition to washing the ground, the biggest advantage can also be used for surface water absorption, such as canning workshop, beverage production workshop, etc., the area of ​​water and moisture in the cleaning of the washing machine, It becomes cleaner and the humidity is reduced. The cleaning with a high-pressure cleaner and the suction of the suction machine are not only less efficient but also less effective. The automatic washing machine is to complete the washing and drying in one time, and the high-efficiency operation also saves manpower.

    V. Textile and clothing industry

    Many people in the textile and clothing industry feel that they are a labor-intensive industry. It is enough to clean the clothes in the traditional way. This is just a self-judgment of many business managers. In fact, with the expansion of China’s textile and clothing exports, quality To become the biggest competitive advantage of enterprises, a bundle of cloth, as long as weaving some impurities, the whole bundle is affected, at least not qualified, the same is the clothing, sewing into the dirt during the sewing process, even a little bit, it also affects the quality. Manual cleaning and mopping, always dusting or losing sight of it, and choosing a self-cleaning machine that suits you, can do more with less, so that our products will not produce defective products because of the problem of

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