Tools and construction steps required for curing agent floor construction

The curing agent floor is a hot floor in the current floor industry, which can improve the looseness of the concrete floor, low hardness and weak impact resistance. It can be well adapted to underground garages, logistics warehouses, factory workshops and other places. The performance of the curing agent floor is excellent. Many people think that the new floor should be replaced with a curing agent floor, but they don't know how to start. They don't know much about the tools and construction steps needed for the curing agent floor construction. Below, I will tell you about the tools and construction steps required for the construction of the curing agent floor.

Curing agent floor construction tool
First, curing agent floor construction tools

Curing agent floor generally requires floor grinder, industrial vacuum cleaner and push water scraper, hand grinder and corner grinder, resin grinding disc and diamond grinding disc, scouring pad and high speed polishing equipment, broom and dust. Push, watering can or sprayer, watering can or sprayer, ingredient bucket and trolley.

These tools involve the steps of cleaning the floor, applying curing agent, cleaning the floor, and grinding the ground during the construction of the curing agent floor, which is indispensable during the construction process.

Curing agent floor construction site
Second, the curing agent floor construction steps

1. Base surface cleaning: Clean dust, debris and pollutants on the base surface. Grouts should be repaired with cracks and potholes.

2, rough ground: use floor grinding machine, with 50, 80, 100 mesh diamond pieces for grinding, and then clean the dust.

3, the first pass curing: the curing agent is mixed with water at a ratio of 1:5, and then the curing agent solution is evenly applied to the base surface with a roller to keep the ground infiltrated for 2 hours. Then, it was ground with a resin plate of 50, 150, 300, and 500 mesh, and then dusted to dry the ground.

4, the second pass curing: After the ground is dry, use the roller again to apply the curing agent evenly to the base surface. After waiting for two hours, use the 1000-mesh high-throw pad to quickly grind the ground and bone on the base. Grind off the material and then wash the floor.



Curing agent floor
5, fine ground: use a 500-mesh resin plate to quickly and evenly cross the base surface until the ground is smooth.

6, fine grinding the ground: in turn using 1000 #, 2000 #, 3000 # resin dry grinding film eye mask floor, until the ground appears as the stone's general brightness.

8, clean the ground: use a professional industrial vacuum cleaner to clean the ground, and then you can carry out

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