Use and maintenance of industrial vacuum cleaner

Use and maintenance of industrial vacuum cleaner.The industrial vacuum cleaner of all sorts of different model, specification, their structural performance, function characteristic is not identical.Accordingly, must read operation manual carefully before the industrial vacuum cleaner of choose and buy is used, avoid the damage that causes vacuum cleaner and endanger personal safety because of using unlawfully.

Industrial vacuum cleaners should be not more than 1000 meters above sea level, well ventilated, the ambient temperature not more than 40℃, the air without flammable, corrosive gases in the dry room or similar environment.

Before use, should first hose and shell suction inlet properly connected, hose and each section of the super-long nozzle and nozzle end suction, such as furniture brush, gap nozzle, floor brush to screw tightly.Due to less gap suction nozzle inlet, the use of higher noise, continuous use time should not be too long.

Connect the ground wire well to ensure the safety of electricity consumption.Household vacuum cleaner is used continuously time does not exceed 1 hour every time, industrial vacuum cleaner can use time continuously 24 hours, prevent electric machine overheat and burn down, and the industrial vacuum cleaner that a kind of Germany produces, because it USES special dissipate heat system, can run continuously 36 hours, can use with machine tool form a complete set.

When the industrial vacuum cleaner that installs automatic coil line device is used, pull power line enough use length can, do not pull power line overdo, if see there is yellow or red mark on power line, want to stop to pull namely.When the power cord needs to be retracted, press the button to retract it automatically.

At ordinary times should pay attention to the use of industrial vacuum cleaners do not touch water, wet hands can not operate the machine.If there are large pieces of paper, paper balls, plastic sheets or things larger than the diameter of the straw in the clean place, they should be removed in advance, otherwise it is easy to cause blockage of the suction pipe.

When using industrial vacuum cleaner to absorb liquid material, the filter element should be removed to extend its service life.

When using, depending on the occasion of cleaning, the suction control device can be properly adjusted.There is a round hole on the elbow pipe and a regulating ring on it. When the regulating ring covers the hole on the elbow pipe, the suction force is the maximum, while when the regulating ring exposes all the holes, the suction force is the minimum.Some vacuum cleaners use motor speed to adjust the suction.

When found inside dustbin rubbish is much more, should eliminate the accumulation of ash on filter while removing rubbish, maintain good ventilation, in order to avoid blocking filter and cause suction not to drop, motor heat and reduce the service life of vacuum cleaner.

After industrial vacuum cleaner is used for a period of time, because dirt accumulates too much in filter belt, can cause suction to drop.Shake the shake ash frame on vacuum cleaner at this moment, make suction restore.If shaking the ash frame still can not make suction recovery, that the bucket dust has accumulated, should be removed in time.

Industrial vacuum cleaner motor belongs to high speed motor, brush easy to wear after long-term operation, domestic vacuum cleaner general use a year to a year and a half should replace the brush (to use half an hour every day).

After the use of vacuum cleaner, should be placed in a dry place to preserve, if placed in too wet place will affect electrical insulation and service life.(


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