What tools and construction techniques need to be prepared for cement floor hardening construction

Nowadays, the cement floor is not strong enough, and the problem of easy dusting and sanding is particularly prominent. Many factory workshops, underground garages, logistics warehouses, etc. have encountered such problems, so they began to seek solutions. At present, the most common solution is to do the cement floor hardening treatment on the ground to seal the hardened floor and enhance the strength and hardness of the ground. In order to save costs, many people choose to purchase materials themselves, but they don't know much about the tools and construction techniques that need to be prepared for construction. The following small series will tell you about the tools and concrete floors that need to be prepared for cement floor hardening construction. Hardened construction process.

First, the tools needed for floor construction

1, floor grinding machine. Grinding and polishing for floor construction, preferably 6 and 12 grinding machines

2, industrial vacuum cleaner or push water scraping. It is used to clean the dust and sewage generated by each grinding.

3. Hand grinder and corner grinder. Some grinders can be ground without a hand grinder and a corner grinder.

4. Resin grinding disc and diamond grinding disc. Mainly used for grinding and polishing. Both are used with a grinder.

5, scouring pads and high-speed polishing equipment. Mainly used for polishing the curing floor, the effect will be better.

6, broom and dust push. The broom is used to clean the ground foundation, and the dust push is mainly used to evenly coat the concrete seal curing agent material and the brightener.

7, watering can or sprayer. In the polishing stage, the two tools are used to spray the floor brightener.

8. Construction identification plate. It is mainly used for the protection of the construction site, reminding others not to enter the construction site, so as not to damage the floor or accidents.

9, the ingredient bucket and hand trailer. In the case of a large construction area, if you have a trolley, you can put the paint bucket on the trolley, which can improve the efficiency of spraying.


Second, the cement floor hardening construction process

1. Basic treatment: use professional cleaning tools to clean up some debris and dust on the ground, and knock off some loose parts of the ground, and then use some cement mortar and floor repairing agent on the ground. Repair it.

2, rough ground: use 50#80#100# diamond sheet to polish in turn, use the uniform cross method to completely clean the surface, then use the vacuum cleaner to clean the dust

3, the first in the curing

After the 100# diamond sheet has been ground and cleaned, the Sinuo concrete seal curing agent (material diluted 1:5 with water) is evenly sprayed on the ground using an automatic sprayer or roller. Keep the entire floor infiltrated for 2 hours to allow the curing agent to penetrate the floor. (The curing agent can be removed with a mop to remove residual paint)

After the curing agent is dried for 12 hours, the 50#, 150#, 300#, and 500# resin grinding sheets are successively transported and cross-grinded until the scratches on the ground and the scraping marks left by the cement when the light is collected, and then the dust is removed. Dry the ground.

4, the second curing: After the first curing and drying, use the automatic sprayer or roller to spray the curing agent material on the ground at a constant speed to keep it moist. After 2 hours, use 1000# high-throw pad to quickly and evenly grind the ground. Grind off the residual material on the ground and clean the floor after grinding.

5, fine grinding the ground: use 500# resin grinding sheet to quickly and evenly cross-grind until the ground feels smooth.

6. Finely grind the ground: Repeat the grinding step of the fifth step of 500# with 1000#, 2000#, 3000# resin dry grinding discs, try to control the uniform speed until the surface of the stone appears bright.

7. Corner treatment: For corners, column angles, etc., use a portable angle grinder for grinding, the finished product effect will be slightly worse than the large area construction.

9. Clean the ground: use a multi-purpose wiping machine or polishing machine and a clean pad to dry normally. Clean the dust with a vacuum cleaner and keep the floor clean before the work is completed.www.chinavacuumcleaner.com

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