Can ordinary epoxy floor be used outdoors

We often see a lot of beautiful epoxy floor paint indoors, and when epoxy floor paint is outdoors, many customers have begun to complain about the poor effect of epoxy floor paint. Actually, it is not that epoxy floor paint is not good. However, the construction of epoxy floor paints outdoors is affected by factors such as the environment, and part of the impact is due to improper selection of epoxy floor paint materials and improper construction design. As a result, customers have a wrong understanding of epoxy floor paint.

The reasons why epoxy floor paint is not suitable for outdoor display are:

1. The weather resistance of epoxy floor paint is not good, because the epoxy resin is composed of at least two epoxy groups, and the epoxy chain is easily broken under the long-term exposure to ultraviolet rays, causing the epoxy floor surface to break, Delamination, differentiation and other lesions. Therefore, many epoxy floor paint products cannot be well displayed outdoors.

2, functional epoxy floor paint itself projection having excellent pressure, corrosion and other features, most notably excellent adhesion of its metal material. Epoxy floor paint applied to the interior is the best show the way.

3, epoxy floor paint, while having useful features, but long epoxy floor paint curing times, be epoxy resin in outdoor floor construction will be affected by outside influences, and lack of good results to show. (Such as wind is likely to cause the front topcoat uncured falling debris deposited on the finish, affect aesthetics, high summer temperatures, sunlight, unpredictable thunderstorms and the like, will affect the topcoat film-forming). And Epoxy poor weather, exposed to ultraviolet radiation easy discoloration.

Summary: Epoxy paint is not entirely can not be applied to the outside, there floor paint an acrylic or modified polyurethane type, having a characteristic ultraviolet resistance, more suitable for outdoor applications. Finally, we need the epoxy floor paint construction team to provide a professional construction solution, so as to ensure that the epoxy floor paint has a better display


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