How to avoid the problem of peeling epoxy floor

1. First of all, the ground foundation is qualified, the strength meets the standards, there is no hollow, dry and no return water. It is best to have a water-proof treatment below.

2. Ground treatment, carefully sanding, pay attention to empty drums, floating ash, and the place to fall off must be cleaned. Ground cracks and cracks should be carefully cut.

3. Be sure to use an epoxy primer with strong penetrating power to apply the primer. Pay attention to the ground with defects (such as the place where the concrete does not meet the standards) must be addressed.

4. The mortar for scraping coating must increase the resin content (more than 75% of the epoxy resin content). If it is too low, it is easy to powder and fall off. Most peeling is caused by reducing the resin content due to compression costs. Cracks, cracks and ground defects must be repaired with epoxy resin sand (quartz sand below 80 #), and powder (above 180 # is powder), otherwise it is easy to crack and cause repair failure. (It makes sense to use concrete instead of fine sand for concrete)

5. Avoid construction in winter without heating (if construction is necessary, special treatment for expansion joints is recommended).

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