What is the difference between abrasion-resistant floor and curing agent floor

The ground floor is also called the abrasion-resistant aggregate floor. It is divided into metal type (corundum wear-resistant floor) and non-metal wear-resisting floor. After the concrete is poured, a layer of corundum aggregate is spread on the surface to enhance the wear resistance.

The solidified floor is also called a hardened floor. It penetrates into the concrete through the concrete sealing and curing agent and changes the internal structure of the concrete through the reaction of the material, thereby increasing the hardness and gloss. There is also a big difference between the two construction processes. Wear-resistant floor: During construction, the wear-resistant aggregate is completely penetrated into the concrete surface, and the construction is carried out simultaneously with the concrete. After the construction is completed, it is integrated with the concrete, and the final product is the concrete. Compared with ordinary concrete floors, wear-resistant floors have higher hardness and are less prone to weathering, chalking, oxidation, rough surfaces, easy dusting, acid and alkali resistance, and oil resistance.

Concrete sealing and curing agent floor: During construction, the concrete must be completely solidified before construction, and the concrete must be completely dry before construction. Generally, the curing agent is applied after the concrete is cured for about 20 days. The curing agent completely penetrates into the concrete and merges with the concrete, and the final product is also the original appearance of the concrete. However, the concrete at this time has formed a dense whole, which is resistant to penetration, compression, abrasion, and acid and alkali corrosion does not ash and requires no maintenance. The biggest difference is that you can do the curing floor on the abrasion-resistant floor, the effect is better, and the application of life is longer. Wear-resistant floors cannot (and need not be) used on solidified floors.www.chinavacuumcleaner.com

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