Choose cost effective industrial vacuum cleaners

Choose cost effective industrial vacuum cleaners.Believe everybody is choosing industrial vacuum cleaner, can discover appearance and function basically same introduction vacuum cleaner,but price difference is very big,so how should we choose the industrial vacuum cleaner with high cost performance?

First,let's popularize the basic knowledge and classification of industrial vacuum cleaners:

Vacuum cleaners are available for home,commercial and industrial use (capacity, power and price vary).

1. House type:generally within 1,000 yuan, some varieties may exceed 5,000 yuan (only for high-end customers),and the service life is usually 2-3 years.

2. Business type: mainly used for cleaning companies,property companies and general budget hotel chains.The service life is usually 5-6 years.

3. Industrial type: the cost is basically around 10,000 yuan,and domestic products can be controlled at 50,000-80,000 yuan.The service life is usually 8-10 years.

Third,how industrial vacuum cleaners work.



Industrial vacuum cleaners with multistage high-pressure blower,vortex blower,the vortex type vacuum air pump equipment into the barrel,negative pressure increases quickly, high pressure air quickly through the air inlet into the body inside,the barrels of dust brush and vacuum tube,air flow collecting and processing solid particles into the barrel,filter bag into the air inlet,solid inner surface adhesion on the filter bag,filter the air through the filter bag in the beginning of the aperture,and then through the secondary filter,can achieve the emission standards,make the air filtered air through the ventilation system of fan or pump into the exhaust pipe, finally returned to the workshop,in order to reduce energy,especially the heat loss,The higher the negative pressure,the stronger the suction,the larger the diameter of the suction port,the higher the flow rate,the corresponding negative pressure decreases,the suction decreases.By selecting the appropriate model,the negative pressure can be maintained in a constant range to adapt to the absorption and treatment of different materials.

Third,the difference between industrial vacuum cleaners

1. Performance:good industrial vacuum cleaners are more stable (for example,the suction decreases after a period of time)

2. Service life:good industrial vacuum cleaners have longer service life and less maintenance.In the long run,it is more cost-effective to buy a good vacuum cleaner (such as a household appliance,which is of better quality and more durable).

3. Materials: as we all know,high-quality industrial vacuum cleaners with reasonable price can meet the quality requirements.

4. Function: good industrial vacuum cleaner has received a lot of market feedback, making its design more user-friendly,easier to operate and safer.

5. Safety: for example,the use of vacuum cleaners in some inflammable and explosive places may cause explosions,while excellent industrial vacuum cleaners have been specially treated in the design,with explosion-proof function and high safety.


Finally,how to buy industrial vacuum cleaners

1. According to the application requirements: choose the industrial vacuum cleaner that needs to work 24 hours continuously according to the application frequency and working time.

2. According to dust conditions:choose dry or wet vacuum cleaners,and determine the power and capacity of industrial vacuum cleaners according to the proportion and quantity of dust.(


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