Classification and use of industrial vacuum cleaners

Classification and use of industrial vacuum cleaners.Suzhou Marcospa Import and Export Co., ltd. is mainly engaged in industrial explosion-proof dust removal equipment research and development, sales and service, built a renowned industrial vacuum cleaners, industrial dust remover, welding dust, oil mist purifier, such as four series of industrial cleaning dust removal equipment, products are widely used in electronic components, electronic equipment, photovoltaic equipment, transportation equipment, pharmaceutical and other industrial production field;Our company is committed to becoming a world class comprehensive solution for industrial safety, quality control and production environment protection.

Heavy industry vacuum cleaner (pulse back blowing):suitable for heavy industry environment and continuous operation, suitable for large amount of dust and small particle dust, suitable for the collection and filtration of graphite manganese powder in battery industry.

Industrial dust collector: suitable for precision instruments, high dust removal requirements.It is suitable for dust removal in the fields of electronics, medicine, metal mould, automobile manufacture, laser cutting, precision instrument, biology, chemistry, food production, etc.


Industrial oil absorber: vacuum equipment designed to collect oil, emulsion and small AM.Ounce metal sheet for grease recovery and reuse in machining, continuous casting and rolling, wire cutting, etc.Liquids and solids can be separated and purified emulsions can be reused.


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