Epoxy floor operation process

1. Surface treatment: use the dust-free diamond grinder to remove the dust on the cement surface and make the surface form a matte surface. Industrial dust removal equipment uses a vacuum cleaner to absorb sand, debris, dust, and the wet area is baked by gas or dryer. dry.
2. Primer: Put the main agent and hardener of the material into proportion and stir well with the mixer. When using, use a brush, roller brush or spray gun to thin the material evenly to form a primer, interval paint time. More than 8 hours.

3. Middle coating: Take the quantitative proportion of the main agent and hardener, stir well with a blender, then put in the quartz aggregate, stir evenly, use the file to spread the above mixture over the primer during the available time. , fill the hole and pinhole.
4. Top coating: After the medium-coated resin is hardened, if the surface is stained with particles, it should be removed first, and the holes should be filled in, and then the main agent and the hardener in a certain proportion should be mixed thoroughly, and the squeegee should be flattened in the middle coating. At the same time, the needle roller is used to roll back and forth on the resin mortar before the cementation, so that the aggregate can be evenly distributed and the bubbles are removed, so that the surface of the resin is flat and bright.www.chinavacuumcleaner.com


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