How to make floor paint last longer

How to make the floor paint last longer: First: In normal use, epoxy floor paint has economical ordinary epoxy floor paint or pressure mortar. Above five years, as the thickness increases, the service life also increases. Secondly, due to pressure requirements, some factories often have forklifts of 5 to 10 tons. Therefore, it is necessary to increase the thickness of the product design. Adding quartz sand or diamond aggregate to epoxy floor paint can help improve its compressive and impact resistance and effectively realize the use of the product. Third, in terms of anticorrosion, such as oil pollution in machinery plants, solvents in chemical plants, etc., all products need to meet the requirements of anticorrosion, which requires different curing agents to improve product performance. Curing agents are anti-corrosive, temperature-resistant, and low-temperature curing types. When anti-corrosion requirements are more customer-friendly, epoxy resins should be used. Modified vinyl ester flooring material meets special requirements. Different cured products can be selected according to customer requirements plus good epoxy resin to achieve different technical specifications and indicators. Fourth, the factors that improve the service life of floor coatings are: the correct use of users such as the wheels of forklifts and trolleys as elastic rubber wheels, do not scrape the floor with hard objects, and add curing agents during the production of floor paints. Using a good curing agent or increasing the solid content of the coating can effectively improve the product's service life and abrasion resistance, and can solve problems from the formula system, and have unique insights into the formula.


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