The difference between industrial dust removal equipment and our common household vacuum cleaners

1, the capacity is greater
Household vacuum cleaners have a small capacity due to their small size, while the volume of industrial dust removal equipment is generally large, generally in the tens of liters, and there are hundreds of liters in the large, only a few liters in the household, more than ten liters. It is more suitable for long-term work in factories.
2, the power is stronger and the suction is stronger
The vacuum power of household vacuum cleaners is limited to small venues suitable for ordinary household places. Industrial vacuum cleaners use high-power motors, several kilowatts, and several tens of kilowatts. At the same time, the over-rate area is larger, the working time is longer, and it is more suitable for factories. Use in large places;

3. Absorbing substances are more extensive and more
As the name suggests, household vacuum cleaners are only suitable for clean use in the home market. Industrial vacuum cleaners have a wide range of absorbent materials, which can not only absorb dust, but also absorb large particles, water, oil, iron filings, cotton wool, etc., and have a wide range of use, which is more suitable for large Used in places and factories;
4, the price
Due to the cost of industrial vacuum cleaners and the cumbersome manufacturing process, the price is generally slightly higher than that of households.
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