What is epoxy floor

Epoxy flooring, full name epoxy flooring, is a functional new flooring made of epoxy resin as a bonding agent supplemented with some heavy calcium powder, quartz sand and other aggregates and fillers combined with curing agent. . Epoxy floor is a kind of floor product with excellent decoration and function. It belongs to the coating category and is a high-quality product. It has color and luster, has a high strength coating film property, and the ground surface Smooth and smooth, easy to clean, wide application range.

2. What are the applicable scope of epoxy floor?

Production workshops, dust-free workshops, warehouses, anti-static and explosion-proof workshops, warehouses, offices and underground garages.

3. There are several types of epoxy flooring:

a. Epoxy flat-coated floor (ordinary workshops with dust-proof and low environmental requirements).

b. Epoxy self-leveling floor (dust-free workshop, industrial production area with high requirements for plant purification).

c. Epoxy antistatic floor (manufacturing workshop of electronics industry with antistatic requirements).

d. Epoxy mortar wear-resistant floor (the factory has heavy-load operation workshops, warehouses, aisles, underground parking lots, etc.).

4. Thickness of epoxy floor? According to the type of epoxy floor, the thickness of the floor is designed from 0.5mm to 5mm. However, the thickness design of industrial floors needs to consider multiple situations.

5. What is the price of epoxy floor?

a. Epoxy resin self-leveling floor: Depending on the color and thickness, the general self-leveling is 45 to 120 yuan / square meter. There are very few scenes below this quotation, but it is much higher than this upon special request. Type of general quote.

b. Epoxy mortar floor: The thickness of the epoxy mortar referred to here is generally not less than 1.00mm, and the quotation is generally between 30 and 60 yuan / square; of course, other requests remain the same, the higher the thickness, the quotation will be Correspondingly higher, do not sweep beyond 100 or even 200 or more.

c. Simple epoxy flat coating: the middle coating sanding process is omitted, and some even have no putty layer, so the price is extremely low, usually around 25 yuan / square meter, and some as low as 18 yuan / ㎡. But one point is one point for one item. Although the price of this type of floor is low, the operating cycle is very short, not a long-term solution. d. Epoxy slipway: for underground garages, the thickness is generally not less than 3mm, and the general quotation is 120 yuan to 180 yuan per square meter according to the request.

e. Anti-static epoxy floor: there are two types of flat-coating and self-leveling, but the anti-static ability of flat-coating is not consistent, so it is not mentioned here. The market quotation of self-leveling anti-static flooring with specifications and above is generally not less than 120 yuan / square meter.

f. Colored sand epoxy flooring / Floating sand epoxy flooring: It is attributed to the high-strength wear-resistant epoxy resin flooring with exceptional decoration effect. The standard level is high, and the price is also above 150 yuan / square meter.

g. Quotation for water-based epoxy flooring: The self-leveling skills of water-based epoxy flooring are relatively imperfect, but the mortar flat coating type is now sophisticatedly used. It is slightly higher than the solvent-based and solvent-free types under the same specifications, that is, the unit price is 30 to 100 yuan / square meter.

5. Is the epoxy floor anti-oil seepage? It has anti-permeation effect for general engine oil and gear oil.

6. Is epoxy floor resistant to acid and alkali? Resistant to slight acids and bases, it should not be too long. There is a special epoxy anticorrosive floor.

7. Can epoxy floor be used outdoors? It is generally not recommended for outdoor use. Primers and middle coats can be topcoats with better weather resistance.

8. Is the epoxy floor toxic? Epoxy materials contain toxic substances, but after curing the epoxy floor, it is generally not harmful to the human body after the curing period.

9. Safety requirements If the floor is in a greasy environment or on a slope, you need to choose a non-slip floor; if you are in a special place such as a gas station, an oil depot, you need to choose an anti-static, explosion-proof.

10. Mechanical performance requirements mainly include the following three aspects:

a. abrasion resistance: which vehicles will be used when the floor is used; the abrasion resistance of the epoxy floor is 2.3;

b. Pressure resistance: how much load the floor will bear when in use;

c. Impact resistance: whether the impact force will cause the floor to peel  www.chinavacuumcleaner.com


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