What tools do you need to prepare for curing the floor

We all know that the curing floor is made of concrete sealing curing agent material, plus a series of construction processes such as cleaning, grinding, polishing, etc. With the curing floor wear-resistant, pressure-resistant, beautiful, dust-proof, easy to clean and maintain And other advantages have now been widely used on various floors. This article will introduce the tools and equipment that need to be prepared for the construction of solidified floors. I hope it can be helpful to everyone.

1. Floor grinding machine. Small grinding machine with 6 grinding heads and heavy grinding machine with 12 grinding heads.

2. Industrial vacuum cleaner or pusher wiper. After each sanding, we need to clean up the sewage on the ground. You can use a water scraper or a vacuum cleaner.

3. Hand grinder or corner grinder. Corners and other places that cannot be polished need to be polished with this equipment.

4, resin grinding and diamond grinding. Resin abrasive discs are mainly used for grinding and polishing, while diamond abrasive discs are mainly used to grind the ground on uneven ground and smooth the ground.

5. One hundred pads and high-speed polishing equipment. In the solidified floor polishing stage, the effect of the floor made with Baijie pad plus high-speed polishing agent will be better.

6, broom and dust push. The broom is used to clean the ground foundation, and the dust push is mainly used to push the concrete seal hardener material and brightener evenly.

7. Watering can or sprayer. This equipment is needed to spray the floor brightener in the curing floor polishing stage.

8. Construction signage. It is mainly used for construction site protection, reminding others not to enter the construction area to affect construction.

9, ingredients bucket and hand trailer. In the case of large-area construction, it is more efficient to place large buckets on hand trailers when spraying materials. www.chinavacuumcleaner.com


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