Why do we need to do floor works again on concrete floors

Some people who do not know the floor often ask why we have to spend money on floor construction. We have already built concrete when we built the plant, and why do we need to make a sealing hardener floor on it. In fact, the floor only plays a certain role in protecting the ground and provides us with some environmental protection functions that cannot be provided by concrete. Now Tianjin Kangfusi briefly introduces the reason for it.

Before we understand the importance of floors, first we need to understand the concrete we often mention. Concrete is an artificial stone made of cementitious materials, natural rocks and sand mixed with water and hardened after a period of time. Concrete can be divided into heavy concrete, ordinary concrete and light concrete according to the apparent density. The difference between these three types of concrete is the difference in aggregate. Although concrete has good hardness, concrete itself has many pores, and it also contains water and alkali, so its wear resistance and compression resistance are relatively weak. Like many factories and warehouses, a lot of forklifts and heavy vehicles walk At this time, you need to choose a floor to increase the concrete hardness and strength. In addition, if the ground needs to be clean, anti-static or anti-corrosion, etc., it is even more necessary to choose a suitable floor. Therefore, in particular, environments such as parking lots, factories, and warehouses require industrial floors for routine ground maintenance.http://www.chinavacuumcleaner.com


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