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Factory direct vacuum high-pressure vacuum cleaner to absorb dust residue aluminum chip factory with industrial vacuum cleaner, to provide you with detailed product quotation, parameters, pictures and other commodity information, if you need to know more about factory direct vacuum high-pressure vacuum cleaner, vacuum dust residue aluminum chip factory with industrial high-pressure vacuum cleaner, Wholesale Three-phase stationary type industrial vacuum cleaner, etc. Please contact us directly. We should consider the following points based on the conditions of use, the situation of the place, the actual situation of the garbage, and the power supply: 1. How long is the working time, three to four hours, or 24 hours without stopping? 2. wet or dry, this depends on whether you want to inhale liquid in actual work. 3. The power supply is according to the actual situation. 4. Filtration accuracy requirements. The above points can be selected carefully. Industrial vacuum cleaner!

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