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We specialize in the manufacture of Holytek 3 phase dust extractor | eBay<\/strong>.In order to meet your diverse requirements for products, we continue to improve product design and production capacityOur Three phase dust extractor<\/strong><\/a>, from design to production to service, can stand the test of the market.Our greatest pursuit is customer satisfaction\uff0cWe hope our products can help your business.It's easy to do a good job of a product, but to do a good job of all products depends on high quality service.I wish you good health and good appetite every day.<\/p>

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\ndust Extraction solutions \u00a0are committed to providing shoppers with fine dust handle products together with quite a number transportable filth collectors. The design of those transportable dirt collectors can also be tailor-made to certain wants upon request.\n<\/p>\n\n

\nportable dirt collectors from filth Extraction programs consist of:<\/p>

  • a spread that covers single and three phase collectors<\/li>
  • Sizes ranging from 1100 CFM to over 12000 CFM<\/li>
  • non-compulsory properly material, convenient-to-clear filter baggage<\/li>
  • optional handy-to-clean cartridges with guide arm<\/li>
  • Three stage filtration: first stage - steel mesh filter, second stage - fundamental spunbond polyester filter, third stage - carbon filter<\/li>transportable dust collectors from dirt Extraction programs come in the following models:
  • DESFX 1 - One fundamental filter and one off fume hands<\/li>
  • DESFX 2 - Two simple filters and two off fume palms<\/li>dirt Extraction techniques deliver a reputable latitude of transportable filth collectors designed for efficient use in the industrial workplace.\n\n\n <\/div><\/div>"}]

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