Industrial dust collector

The industrial dust collector draws the inside of the barrel into a vacuum through a device such as a turbine fan, so that the negative pressure of industrial dust collectors for woodworking rises rapidly. The high negative pressure causes the air to quickly flow into the inside of the barrel through the air inlet, and the barrel passes through the suction brush and the suction tube. The air carries the solid particles that need to be collected and treated into the barrel. The filter bag is connected to the air inlet, and the solid is attached to the inner surface of the filter bag. The initially filtered air passes through the gap of the filter bag and is filtered by the filter element. To achieve the standard of air discharge, the filtered air enters the exhaust duct through the exhaust vent of the fan and is finally discharged back into the workshop to reduce energy, especially heat loss. The higher the negative pressure, the stronger the suction force, the wider the diameter of the suction port, the higher the flow rate, the smaller the corresponding negative pressure, and the smaller the suction force. By selecting the appropriate model, the negative pressure can be kept within a constant range. To adapt to the absorption and handling of different materials.

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