Makita - Dust collector, extractor, vacuumcommercial wet dry vac


For many years, we have focused on manufacturing and supplying Makita - Dust collector, extractor, vacuumcommercial wet dry vac<\/strong>.In order to provide all kinds of proudct, we continue to improve our design capabilities. We are determined to be the best manufacturer and supplier of one motor HEPA dust extractor<\/strong><\/a> in China.We hope to establish long-term friendly relations of cooperation through our high quality products.The first element of our enterprise is service, in order to ensure product quality.I wish you and your family peace and beauty, good health and happiness forever.<\/p>


The Bosch GAS20-17AH moist\/Dry dust Extractor is an industrial-grade powerhouse with a optimum 300 CFM (cubic feet of air per minute) ability that filters high-quality filth, coarse grime and drinks. The GAS20-17AH boasts 17-gallon potential, and auto filter cleaning with HEPA filter to deliver a complete package in helping users circulate toward OSHA silica dust law compliance. Its auto filter-clear system prompts each 15 seconds and the HEPA filter captures of particles at microns and larger.<\/p>

The dust extractor facets a high-performance motor to keep the optimum 300 CFM means. here's effective filth extraction performance for heavy-duty applications, together with concrete slicing and floor grinding with better 7\" and 9\" grinders and up to 12\u201d reduce-off tools.<\/p>

  • The Bosch GAS20-17AH moist\/Dry filth Extractor automated filter-cleaning gadget self-cleans the HEPA filter through reverse airflow each 15 seconds. This system ensures that the extractor is all the time working at optimum effectivity.<\/li>
  • The massive capacity Bosch moist\/dry extractor has a water-level sensor to support prevent overfilling and a discharge hose for convenient drainage. <\/li>
  • The effortless-to-transport unit has sturdy metallic castors designed to withstand jobsite terrain, a metallic body with a height-adjustable fold-down push handle for easy maneuverability. <\/li>
  • The unit facets a dumping mechanism for emptying convenience.<\/li>
  • The Bosch GAS20-17AH wet\/Dry filth Extractor comes with a HEPA filter, a three-layer heavy-obligation filter bag that helps protect the filter from abrasive substances and a sixteen ft. anti-static hose. <\/li>
  • a part of the Bosch professional+guard\u2122 system, the GAS20-17AH with HEPA filter helps users move toward compliance with the OSHA silica dust rules. With its maximum 300 CFM, it is designed to handle concrete reducing and surfacing with massive perspective grinders.<\/li>
  • An non-compulsory Y-connect (offered one at a time) \u2013 permits use of two equipment on the equal time, comparable to small (5\" or smaller) attitude grinders utilized in floor grinding or reducing concrete.<\/li>\n <\/div><\/div>"}]

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