new T9 series Three phase HEPA dust extractor

new T9 series Three phase HEPA dust extractor

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The machine adapts high vacuum turbine motors, fully automatic jet pulse filter cleaning system.
Can work 24 hours continuously, and applies to large amount dust, small dust particle size working condition.
Especially uses for floor grinding and polishing industry.

Main feature
Power system adapts high vacuum turbine motor, wide voltage and double frequency, high reliable, low noise, long life time, can work 24 hours continuously.
All Equipped with Schneider electronic components, have overload, overheating, short circuit protection.
Continuous drop-down folding bag, easy and fast loading/unloading.

PTFE coated HEPA filter, low pressure loss, high filter efficiency.
Fully automatic Jet pulse cleaning system, equipped with air compressor,24hours working without interruption, applies to different working condition easily

Parameters of this new T9 series Three phase HEPA dust extractor supplier

Model T952 T972 T953 T973 T954 T974
Voltage 380V / 50Hz
Power(kw) 5.5 7.5 5.5 7.5 5.5 7.5
Vacuum(mbar) 300 320 300 320 300 320
Airflow(m³/h) 530
Noise(dbA) 70 71 70 71 70 71
Filter type HEPA filter “TORAY” polyester
Filter area(cm³) 30000 3X15000
Filter capacity 0.3μm>99.5%
Filter cleaning Jet pulse filter cleaning Motor driven cleaning Fully automatic jet pulse
Dimension(mm) 650X1080X1450 650X1080X1450 650X1080X1570
Weight(kg) 169 173 172 176 185 210

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