5 tools for clearing overgrown land-homestead and animal husbandry

Whether you are expanding lawns, caring for overgrown fields and grasslands, or creating new trails in woodland, clearing overgrown land is a daunting task. The once clean, open land will soon become a mess, covered with shrubs, woody saplings, and tough weeds. But where do you start? How to even start attacking chaos and turn it into the clear space you want? Start with the right tool. These are our 5 favorite tools in DR-easy to use, to get the job done like a champion, and even fun to use.
In order to clear most of the overgrown land, a lawn mower is your best choice. Choose a walking (also called “self-propelled”) model for areas suitable for walking, and a towed model (often called a “pig brush”) for very large fields and grasslands. These machines are real beasts in the field, cutting down 3 inch thick saplings without even stopping on hard weeds and grass. Most people who use lawn mowers for the first time are shocked by their power and fun to use. This is a great power-everything is in your hands, ready to rock!
Suppose you only want to remove a sapling here and there, or a small part of the brush. You may not need the entire brush mower, but a lawn mower or chainsaw will not fully work. Brush Grubber is a set of metal jaws with spikes that can be inserted into a small tree or stump. The chain is connected to the other end, and you can use a truck, ATV or tractor to pull out unwanted trees from the roots. The harder you pull, the harder your jaw grabs the tree. Brush Grubber is available in 4 different sizes and is the best way to care for one sapling at a time-because there is no root to regenerate, it is gone forever.
Walk-behind or hand-held trimmers are very suitable for cleaning fence lines and removing fine weeds and grasses. However, for heavier brush cleaning, there are some ways to turn your rope trimmer into a more powerful machine. Add the DuraBlades kit to your DR trimmer/mower and turn it into a lawn mower that can remove 3/8 inch thick wooden brushes. Or, add the Beaver Blade accessory to your DR trimmer/mower or handheld trimmer to turn it into a sapling and shrub trimming generator. The Beaver Blade can easily cut saplings up to 3 inches thick. When you add these powerful accessories, the string trimmer is more than just a light weed trimmer!
If you remove larger trees to clear the overgrown land, you may leave some ugly and annoying tree stumps. If your goal is completely clear land, then these are a big problem. The fastest and easiest way to get rid of them is to grind them away with a stump grinder. Of course there are other methods, but using a stump grinder-whether rented on weekends or purchased for lifetime use-is by far the fastest and easiest method. The chemical solution may take months or even years to completely dissolve the tree stumps, and digging them out by hand is a difficult task.
If you have large tracts of small invasive trees, such as mesquite, sea buckthorn, olive, sagebrush, and bamboo, there is a way to get rid of them more easily than cutting them one by one with a chain saw. The DR TreeChopper is installed on the front of the ATV, just like a pipe cutter, which can cut trees up to 4 inches thick. You just need to drive into each tree and the blade will cut the tree off the ground-no stumps will be tripped, and there will be no more invasive trees. The owners reported that they were able to clear several acres of land in one weekend. In addition, this is a very exciting way to get the job done! Check it out in this video.
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We are using our skid steer and several attachments from They have an 8 foot tree saw connected to a skid steer, a cedar puller to remove shallow rooted trees from the roots, and A brush fork is used to collect and move the brushes. This will undoubtedly make our land clearing easier.
Land clearing is something I have been considering doing for my farm. Now my son does not need our farm to raise his horse. My plan is to hire a tree service staff to clear the land for my farm.
Land clearing is something I have been considering doing for my farm. Now my son does not need our farm to raise his horse. My plan is to hire a tree service staff to clear the land for my farm.
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Post time: Sep-14-2021