Best products we tested in March: espresso machines, pizza ovens, and more

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CNN Underscored constantly tests products—whether it’s an espresso machine, a pizza oven, or a sheet set—to find the absolute best in each category.Our testing process is rigorous, starting with hours of research to find the top products in each category.Once we create a product testing pool, we test and retest each product multiple times in a live environment over weeks or even months.
This year, we’ve tested dozens of products — from budget phones to vacuums to headphones — to find the best products you need to make life better.Below are the winning products for March.
The LLBean sheets are the best feeling sheets we’ve tried; they’re breathable and crisp, they’re perfect for regulating the temperature overnight, and the eyelet hem on the top sheet and pillowcase makes these sheets feel like they’re right out of a hotel.
The crispest set we’ve tested, Casper’s percale sheets are the best we’ve tried for hot sleepers.They’re light and breathable while wicking away sweat and feel super smooth when slipping in at night.
Brooklinen’s tulle percale material is softer than others we’ve tried, while still cooling effectively.Offering more interesting patterns and colors than any other set we’ve tried, they’re perfect for anyone tired of neutrals or looking to take their bedroom decor up a notch.
Our hotel recommendation for sateen lovers, the Boll & Branch Signature Sheet Set is smooth and luxurious.The sheets are soft enough to be worn in at night, giving it a luxurious feel that others we’ve tested don’t.Available only in a variety of tasteful neutrals, Boll & Branch sheets are stylish and guaranteed to impress.
If you don’t mind a bit of a dated color, JCPenney’s Wrinkle Guard Cotton Sheet is the silkiest satin we’ve tested.They always looked crisp but didn’t require ironing and were perfectly smooth every time we washed them.With most sizes under $100, JCPenney sheets offer great value for money.
With the Brooklinen duvet, we literally feel like sleeping in the clouds and never want to get out of bed.Between the softness of the outer material and the loft of the filling, it’s one of those quilts that will make you want to lie in bed all day – 12 months a year.
If you’re looking for a comforter that will give you extra warmth, The Company Store Legends Hotel Alberta Duvet is heavier, giving you the extra weight you need during the colder months.
Don’t like the down and feathers in your quilt?If so, then the Buffy Cloud Comforter is the best down option.This high-quality quilt will provide you with a good night’s sleep thanks to its soft, lightweight construction that provides plenty of warmth.
The Brooklinen Classic Duvet Cover is made from crisp, luxurious percale that is lightweight and breathable, with large easy-to-fasten buttons, and is available in a variety of colors to suit any style.
If you’re looking for an ultra-soft and warm quilt cover, you’ll love the feel of the LLBean Ultrasoft Comfort Flannel quilt cover.
Boll & Branch’s signature eyelet duvet cover combines smooth comfort with unrivaled craftsmanship that puts it above any other we’ve tested, and it even includes a dummy pad to easily ensure your bedding matches.
With a hidden button cover and matching pillowcase and pillowcase, the Mellanni Microfiber Duvet Cover adds elegance to your bedroom and is affordable enough for a kid’s room or if you just want to protect your bedding from pets.
The Quince European Linen Duvet Cover has the classic pleated linen look and soft feel that is sure to improve over time and meet the needs for years to come, comfortable, cool and perfect for any weather.
Luxurious without feeling overly thick or heavy, Garnet Hill offers delightfully comfortable flannel sheets at mid-to-high-end prices, with queen-size sets starting at $197 (includes two pillowcases, a fitted sheet, and a flat sheet ).These flannels are available in a variety of colors and sizes, giving you the confidence to get a quality product that will last for years.
West Elm’s Organic Flannel Sheet is pretty close to our overall favorite, as it’s both incredibly comfortable and the lightest of all sets we’ve tested, currently starting at $72 for a full set.These sheets didn’t come out on top because they only came in two colors and couldn’t be ordered like Garnet Hill’s sheets
If you sleep in very cold weather and want to feel bundled together, LLBean has made thick flannel sheets for you – with a level of craftsmanship at a competitive price, $129 for a queen set .
Among the most luxurious touches we’ve tested, the Parachute Linen Sheet feels comfortable to the touch and has a unique texture.Parachute sheets are available in a variety of colors and sizes, and each different piece of bedding can be changed individually or mixed and matched with other fabrics.
Lightweight tulle, but durable Citizen sheets are masters of stylish rest.Woven from French linen in a factory in Portugal, these have deep pockets and a sheet big enough to fit in any depth of bed.
Soft and lightweight, Brooklinen sheets effectively wick away heat, making them ideal for those who sleep warmly, yet still regulate heat well in cooler climates.High-end at the same time, and already worn perfectly, these are delightful from the first touch.
Fishers Finery Pillowcases feel luxuriously smooth, fit our pillows perfectly for a great night’s sleep, and are easy to hand wash and machine wash and tumble dry.
The MYK Silk Natural Silk Pillowcase, with silk on one side and white cotton on the other, provides a comfortable and comfortable sleep for about half the price of the Fishers Finery option – albeit with a significantly less luxurious feel.
We couldn’t get enough sleep on the Lunya Washable Silk Pillowcase, it’s so comfy.Lunya’s silk case feels luxurious in the hand, with design details that make it feel significantly enhanced.
The Silk Pillowcase from the Company Store is the smoothest pillowcase we’ve tried, with a shiny, silky feel, and it leaves our hair the smoothest in the morning.It’s a great alternative to Lunya, even though it’s only available in standard sizes.
The Jall Wooden Digital Alarm Clock looks great and has everything you need in it.It’s easy to set up, read and use, and it reliably wakes you up with multiple alarms.
DreamSky is an easy-to-use alarm clock without any bells and whistles, simple, durable, and readable, with a loud beep that won’t be too surprising in the morning.
While a $149 alarm clock is a lot of money, the Loftie is well worth the money, thanks to its simple design, easy-to-navigate interface, soundscape that puts you to sleep, and a progressive two-tone alarm.It’s a thoughtful product that makes the sleeping experience feel like self-care.
Able to gently wake you up by gradually dimming to mimic dawn lights, the Philips Wake Light is an excellent sunrise alarm clock and one of the best all-around alarm clocks we’ve tested, with intuitive programming and a variety of alarm tones and radio.
With the loudest, harshest sound of any alarm clock we’ve tested, a strobe light, and a vibrating disc placed under the pillow, the Sonic Bomb can wake up even the heaviest sleepers.
Gamer Advantage FogAway spray provides consistent anti-fog protection that easily lasts all day in cold winter conditions.
OptiPlus Anti-Fog Wipes last for nearly 24 hours and instantly create a streak-free finish.OptiPlus wipes also have a milder smell than competing anti-fog wipes.
The Miele Classic C1 Turbo Team is powerful, maneuverable and durable.Its six suction speeds and excellent tool load make it great and even a pleasure to use for hard floors, low rugs and rugs, upholstery and dusting.
The Kenmore BC4026 will serve well those with deep pile rugs or those with pet shedding.It’s clunky and unsightly, but its electric floor vacuum outperforms a vacuum for twice the price, and the electric pet hair brush keeps upholstery fresh.
The Miele C3 Kona is the best vacuum we’ve tested, with excellent filtration and excellent cleaning power on both hard floors and thick carpets.It has the best features of the Kenmore and Miele Classic C1, but costs more than the two combined.
Honeywell tower fans have a small footprint, sleek design, sturdy base, eight speed settings, and are quiet and affordable.
This Rowenta fan has the strongest base and stem of any base fan we’ve tested, a clearly marked control panel, and a metal grille that’s easy to assemble and maintain.
Compact, sturdy and powerful, this Vornado fan features a tiltable head and adjustable speed knob for ease of use.
With an eye-catching design and impressive features, the Dyson is unlike any other fan we’ve tested, and it’s significantly more expensive, but its combination of fan, heater, and air purifier has the potential to replace three electrical appliances.
The Black+Decker Dustbuster is the easiest to use, charge and empty of all the handheld vacuums we’ve tested, and its large-capacity canister and handy built-in accessories make it convenient and versatile enough for any small cleaning.
The compact Black+Decker Max Flex comes with a 4-foot hose and a wealth of accessories—including a soft brush for delicate surfaces like radios—perfect for decorating your car or truck.
The Mavogel cotton sleep mask has a genius nose line so it blocks all – and we mean all – light.The mask is soft on the eyes, comfortable on the head, and it doesn’t get bogged down at night regardless of our sleeping position.
The Shark Rotator Professional Lift-Away NV501 has great cleaning power and maneuverability, and performed well in all of our tests.
Lightweight, easy-to-operate and affordable, the Eureka DashSprint Dual Motor Upright Vacuum has the smoothest spin and excellent suction, and won’t trip on high-pile carpets or when transitioning from hard to area carpets
The affordable iLife V3S Pro uses a straw like a traditional vacuum cleaner, rather than the roller brush used by other robot vacuums, which is better at picking up pet hair without clogging.
The iRobot j7+ is the best robot vacuum you can buy right now, with easier mapping, better cleaning and smarter features (like avoiding shit) than anything else we’ve tested .
With impressive power and ability to handle surface cleaning tasks from high-pile carpets to hard floors, the Dyson V11 Animal is the most powerful cordless stick vacuum we’ve tested.
The standout feature of the Bissell Pet Hair Eraser Lift-Off Upright Vacuum is the Pet Turboeraser Tool, which has a rotating brush head with bristles that easily pull dog and cat hair off upholstery and stairs, making it a pet The best upright vacuum for owners.
The Kenmore BC4026 canister vacuum is perfect for large homes, deep pile carpets and people with allergies.It’s bulky and inelegant, but its electric floor vacuum outperforms a vacuum for twice the price, its electric pet hair mini brush keeps upholstery fresh, and its dust bag and exhaust filter are HEPA compliant.

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