Ecovacs Introduces Lawnmower Robot and Floor Cleaning Robot

Ecovacs, a well-known manufacturer of home maintenance robots, is expanding its line of lawn mower robots and commercial floor cleaning robots. Both products are expected to hit China next year, but North American pricing and release dates have yet to be confirmed.
The Goat G1 robotic lawnmower is arguably the more interesting of the two, as it is designed for both personal and commercial use. This will be Ecovacs’ first robotic lawn mower, although it builds on existing technology to provide similar mowing to a robotic vacuum cleaner. After mapping your yard with the included smartphone app, the Goat G1 will mow with centimeter accuracy thanks to its 360-degree camera and the ability to scan at 25 frames per second to avoid moving obstacles.
Ecovacs says it may take you about 20 minutes to initially plan your property. The Goat G1 can handle up to 6,500 square feet of mowing per day, is IPX6 rated for harsh weather, uses a variety of positioning networks to track its location (including ultra-wideband, GPS, and inertial navigation), and is expected to be available by March 2023. Arrived in China and Europe. If you’re itching, be sure to check out our roundup of the best robotic lawn mowers of 2022.
Unlike the Goat G1, Deebot Pro is designed for commercial use such as malls, professional offices and convention centers. The robot is unwieldy compared to traditional robotic mops and vacuum cleaners built for personal use, although it does offer a “general intelligence” system called Homogeneous Intelligent Variable Execution (HIVE) that allows data to be shared between robot teams. This means that you can send a fleet of Deebot Pro robots to clean a building and they will have up-to-date information on what has been cleaned and what remains to be done. There will be two robots in the series: the larger M1 and the smaller K1.
Deebot Pro will be released in China in the first quarter of 2023. None of the products are currently available in North America, but since many of the products in the Ecovacs catalog are already available in the US, we may see them later.
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Post time: Nov-03-2022