How does the high-speed polishing machine play its role in the concrete floor

Application process of high-speed polishing machine

① Investigate the actual situation of the ground and consider the need to control the sanding problem. First, apply a curing agent material to the ground to enhance the foundation hardness of the ground.

② Use 12 heavy-duty grinders and steel grinding discs to renovate the ground, and smooth out the protruding parts of the ground to achieve the standard flatness.

③Roughly grind the ground, use 50-300 mesh resin grinding discs, and then evenly spread the curing agent material, wait for the ground to fully absorb the material.

④After the ground is dry, use 500 mesh resin abrasive disc to polish the ground, rinse the ground mud and residual curing agent material.


1. Start to use the high-speed polishing machine with the No. 1 polishing pad for polishing. 

2. Clean the ground, use a vacuum cleaner or dust mop to clean the ground (no need to add water to clean, mainly the powder remaining when the polishing pad is polishing). 

3. Polishing liquid on the ground, wait for the ground to dry completely (according to material requirements). 

4. When the surface is scratched with a sharp object, leaving no trace. Start to use the polishing machine with No. 2 pad for polishing. 

5. The polishing is finished. The effect can reach more than 80 degrees.

Post time: Mar-23-2021