How to use the floor grinder to deal with the floor paint before construction

Ensure and improve the adhesion of the floor paint coating: The treated concrete base surface can allow the floor paint primer to penetrate more into the concrete surface, which has a key role in the service life of the entire floor paint coating. Especially when there are oil stains and water on the base surface, due to the poor compatibility of oil, water and paint, it is difficult to form a continuous coating. Even if a complete coating is formed, the coating adhesion will be greatly reduced, causing the coating to fall off prematurely . When the dust on the surface is directly applied without the care of the base surface, the light one will cause the floor paint coating to have pits, and the heavy one may cause the large area of the floor paint coating to fall off, shortening the service life of the floor paint. Therefore, at the same time, make the necessary preparations for establishing a smooth, smooth and beautiful coating, and create a good foundation for the entire floor paint project.

Create suitable surface roughness: The adhesion of the floor paint coating to the concrete surface mainly depends on the mutual attraction between the polar molecules in the floor paint and the molecules on the surface of the substrate. After the concrete is ground by the floor grinding machine, the surface will be roughened. As the roughness increases, the surface area will also increase significantly. The gravitational force of the coating on the unit area and the base surface will also increase exponentially. The paint coating attachment provides a suitable surface shape and increases mechanical tooth cooperation, which is very beneficial to the adhesion of the epoxy floor paint coating.

Post time: Mar-23-2021