Prince William restaurant inspection: 21 violations at 1 location

PRINCE WILLIAM COUNTY, Va. — The Prince William County Health Department inspected three restaurants during its most recent week of inspections.Sites in Dumfries, Manassas and Knoxville were inspected on March 28 and March 29.
Many COVID-19 restrictions have been eased across the state, and health inspectors are returning to conduct many restaurants and other health checks in person.However, some visits, such as those for training purposes, may be conducted virtually.
Violations often focus on factors that can lead to food contamination.Local health departments can also conduct re-inspections to ensure possible violations have been corrected.
For each observed violation, the inspector provides specific corrective actions that can be accomplished to correct the violation.Sometimes these are simple, and violations can be corrected during the inspection process.Other violations are dealt with at a later date, and inspectors may conduct follow-up inspections to ensure compliance.

Post time: Apr-06-2022