What is the difference between the grinding machine and the high-throwing machine in the floor construction

The last steps of the concrete floor curing agent construction are polishing and grinding. In this process, you can choose to use a grinder for polishing or a high-speed polishing machine for polishing. Now the problem arises, what is the difference between the two? ? Today, Xiaokang will analyze the different performance of the two devices for you.

When using a floor grinder for concrete curing in the polishing stage, generally speaking, the floor grinder uses fine-tooth resin abrasive discs for polishing and grinding. Since the speed of the floor grinder is somewhat lower than that of the high-speed polisher, it is used. The grinding efficiency of the floor grinder will be relatively low, so the labor cost will be greatly increased, and the wear of the grinding disc will be greater than that of the high-speed polishing machine.

Because the grinding disc of the high-speed polishing machine is relatively large, the linear velocity of the pad will be very high at the edge of the polishing pad, which makes the high-speed polishing machine highlight the construction efficiency is much higher than the grinding opportunity during the polishing stage of the concrete curing construction. The polishing pad used by the high-speed polishing machine can also use more area than the polishing pad of the same price, which also makes the cost of the polishing pad partially saved. However, since the high-speed polishing machine can not be used when the ground is coarsely ground, but can only play a role in the short polishing stage in the later period, when selecting the floor grinding equipment, it is necessary to comprehensively consider the actual situation of the project and rationally choose good equipment that is more suitable for construction.


Post time: Apr-15-2020