Commercial Ultra Quiet Absorb Water And Dust Vacuum Cleaner

Equipped with an industrial grade single-phase motor , output air volume oIS53L/s. CJ10 is suitable for various working conditions.

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Description of this Commercial Ultra Quiet Absorb Water And Dust Vacuum Cleaner supplier

Equipped with an industrial grade single-phase motor , output air volume oIS53L/s. CJ10 is suitable for various working conditions. It is a must-have for car wash shop, decoration company, hotel, small factory workshop warehouse, high cost performance, thick wall, low noise and stronger suction.

It adopts German bimodal technology, automatic circulation system, and can work for 600 hours continuously. The accessories is the same as that of large commercial vacuum cleaners. 38 large diameters, wet and dry, dust and water. The 360° double exhaust air outlet is used to ensure the motor cooling system, and the dust bucket is made of stainless steel.

Parameters of this Commercial Ultra Quiet Absorb Water And Dust Vacuum Cleaner exporter
Function absorb water and dust
capacity 30L
Power 1200w
Tank diameter 320mm
Voltage 220V-240V
Airflow 53L/S
Vacuum ≥18KPa
Noise 70dB
hose 38mm
package 425*425*7300mm
weight 10kg

Accessories of this Commercial Ultra Quiet Absorb Water And Dust Vacuum Cleaner low price


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