new high-efficiency concrete floor used grinding machine

Uhandle, which can rotate around 360°, and is safe and reliable with convenient operation conforming to the ergonomics.

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Description of this Wholesale new high-efficiency concrete floor used grinding machine
Main Product Feature1: Uhandle, which can rotate around 360°, and is safe and reliable with convenient operation conforming to the ergonomics.

2: Special big multi-functional magnet chassis, which enables the grinding material installation and replacement to be more convenient and quicker, and the high-speed running to be safer.

3: The central integrated design of the control panel, which can choose the speed specific to different grounds, improve the equipment stability and achieve the low-noise working environment.

4: The built-in vacuum cleaner connection device, which can achieve the dust-free working environment, thus good for staff’s health and equipment’s maintenance.

5: Easy operation, which enables the staff to easily complete the whole construction process by strictly followig the manual.

Parameters of this new high-efficiency concrete floor used grinding machine manufacturer
Model JH750-T9A JH750-T9B
Voltage 380-440V 380-440V
Current 24A 40A
Motor 15HP(11KW) 15HP(11KW)
Inverter 15HP(11KW) 15HP(11KW)
Frequency 50/60HZ 50/60HZ
Rotating Speed 0-1800RPM 0-1800RPM
Working Area 750MM 750MM
Grinding Disc 250MM*3 250MM*3
Water Tank 30L 30L
Weight 290KGS 290KGS
Dimension 970MM*750MM*1050MM 970MM*750MM*1050MM

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