new S3 series Single phase wet & dry vacuum

S3 series Single phase wet & dry vacuum

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S3 series industrial vacuums are mainly used for non-continuous cleaning of manufacturing areas or for overhead cleaning.

Featured as compact and flexible, they are easy to move. There are no impossible applications for the S3, from the laboratory, workshop, and mechanical engineering to the concrete industry.

You can choose this model for dry material only or for both wet and dry applications.

Main features:
Three Ametek motors, for controlling the on/off independently
Detachable barrel, makes the dust dump work so easy
Large filter surface with integrated filter cleaning system
Multi purposes flexibility, suitable for wet, dry, dust application

Parameters of this new S3 series Single phase wet & dry vacuum supplier
Model S302 S302-110V
Voltage 240V 50/60HZ 110V50/60HZ
Power(kw) 3.6 2.4
Vacuum(mbar) 220 220
Airflow(m³/h) 600 485
Noise(dbA) 80
Tank volume(L) 60
Filter type HEPA filter HEPA filter “TORAY” polyester
Filter area(cm³) 15000 30000
Filter capacity 0.3μm>99.5% 0.3μm>99.5%
Filter cleaning Jet pulse filter cleaning Motor driven filter cleaning
Dimension inch(mm) 24″x26.4″x52.2″/610X670X1325
Weight (lbs)(kg) 125/55

Pictures of this new S3 series Single phase wet & dry vacuum factory


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