TS3000 Single phase HEPA dust extractor

TS3000 Single phase HEPA dust extractor

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TS3000 is a HEPA concrete dust extractor, with 3 large Ametek motors.
TS3000 has plenty power to be connected to any mid or larger size grinders, scarifiers, shot blasters to extract freshly cut, friable concrete dust.
Certified HEPA filtration to 99.99% @ 0.3 microns to guarantee that the vacuum exhaust is absolutely dust-free.
TS3000 is supplied with a complete tool kit, including D50*10 meters hose, wand and floor tools.

Main features:



The22meterslongplasticbagcanbeseparatedtoapproximately40individuallysealedbags forfast, safe handling and disposal of dust


Parameters of this wholesale TS3000 Single phase HEPA dust extractor
Model TS3000 TS3100
Voltage 240V 50/60HZ 110V 50/60HZ
Power(kw) 3.6 2.4
Current(amps) 12 16
Vacuum(mbar) 220 185
Airflow(m³/h) 600 485
Pre filter 4.5m²>99.5%@1.0um
HEPA filter(H13) 3.6m²>99.99%@0.3um
Filter cleaning Jet pulse filter cleaning
Dimension(mm) 24.8″/33″x43.3″/630X840X1470
Weight(kg) 145/65

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